Project Personnel

Principal Investigators:

Assoc. Prof. John Caskey, Department of Geosciences, SFSU - John, together with Prof. Karen Grove took over the project following Jon Galehouse's retirement from the project in 2001. John has been overseeing the project since 2006. To find out what other projects John is involved in check out his website. (John's Website)

Project Manager:

Forrest McFarland - Forrest manages the weekly operations and logistics for the project, works closely with Jim Lienkaemper and John Caskey on aspects orf the project, such as data analysis and interpretation, report preparation, and evaluating and designing existing and new alinement arrays. He along with Theresa Hoyt have been dedicated to the project for quite a few years and they are both instrumental in keeping the project moving smoothly into the future and training new members of the survey team. (photos)

Project Collaborator:

Dr. James J. Lienkaemper, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park - Jim worked closely with Jon Galehouse while Jon ran the Creep Project and he continues to collaborate on the project. Jim along with Jon and others at the U.S. Geological Survey have published numerous creep-related papers. Our project works in collaboration with Jim on an annual Fall "blitz" when we help survey about two dozen alinement arrays in the span of a few weeks on the Hayward fault. These sites are in addition to the 10 sites we regularly survey on the Hayward fault. (photo). To access publications and information regarding Jim's research on active faulting and creep on Bay area faults check out the following link (Jim Lienkaemper's research).

Current Research Assistants on the Project:

Carolyn Domrose, Elizabeth Haddon, Michelle Haskins, William Hassett, Theresa Hoyt, and Jonathon Polly

Past Personnel

Jon S. Galehouse, Professor Emeritus, SFSU - Jon is the founder and designer of the Creep Project. He ran the project from 1979 to 2001 and published a number of creep-related papers that are referenced throughout the website. (photos)

Previous Research Assistants on the Project (listed alphabetically):

Robert Abrams, Chris Alger, Brett Baker, Linda Bond, Beth Brown, Grover Buhr, Peter Boyle, Bret Butler, Ralph Camiccia, Grace Carpenter, Mark Casterson, Denise Coutlakis, Jessica Fadde, Greg Gabel, Lisa Garmin, Janet Garnica, Carolyn Garrison, Olliver Graves, Heather Green, Matthew Horrigan, C.J. Hayden, Kathleen Isaacson, Forrest McFarland, Dan McVanner, Barbara Menne, Nicole Peirce, Jonathan Perkins, Leslie Pawlak, Holly Prochaska, Regan Long, Brian Pierce, Glenn Price, Bob Sas, Carl Schaefer, Annie Scherer, Gary Schneider, Debra Smith, Leta Smith, Min Min Sun, Jim Thordson, and Wai Wong

Project Personnel Photos

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