Project Personnel Photos

Jon and Barbara Galehouse at the 2001 Creep Retreat held at their home in the northern Sierra Nevada.
Creep members at the 2001 Creep Retreat (from left: Theresa "T" Hoyt, Jon Galehouse, Carolyn Domrose, Forrest McFarland, and Jim Lienkaemper).
Forrest and T at the 2001 Creep Retreat.
Jon and Forrest at the 2001 Creep Retreat.
T and Carolyn at the 2001 Creep Retreat.
Survey Party at the Point Reyes National Seashore Headquarters site (from left: Mark Stirling, John Caskey, Carolyn Domrose, and Forrest McFarland).
Forrest and Carolyn at the Point Reyes site on the San Andreas fault.
Jonathon Perkins surveying across the Maacama fault with the Wild T2002 in Ukiah,CA.
Forrest surveying with the Wild T3 in at the Salvio Street site on the Concord fault.
Forrest being filmed by a KPIX (Channel 5) photographer at the Corey Place site on the northern Calaveras fault following the 2002 San Ramon earthquake swarm.

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