METR 104:
Our Dynamic Weather
(Lecture w/Lab)
Lab Section
Forecasting Scores
Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Geosciences
SFSU, Spring 2012

(See also individual forecast scores and individual ranked forecast scores.)

Below are the average forecast scores for each lab section, available as of May 23 . The average score overall consists of the average of the best forecasts from each forecast city. (For each student, a score of zero is assigned to each forecast short of the minimum number that count for each city).

Lab Section
Average Score for KOAK
(10 Best Forecasts)

(3.00 pts possible)
Average Score for KOKC
(10 Best Forecasts)

(3.00 pts possible)
Average Score Overall:
(20 Best Forecasts)

(3.00 pts possible)
01 (Wed.)
(21 students)
2.18 1.85 2.01
02 (Fri.)
(19 students)
2.26 2.21 2.23

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