METR 104: Our Dynamic Weather (w/Lab)Spring 2012

Reading Assignment #5

(Due by 2:05 pm on Wednesday, April 4)

This reading assignment consists of a series of online slides (with audio) on the topics of fronts.

Links to the slides are in the menu frame at left. Some comments:

The slides come from Chapter 9, "Basic Weather Patterns", in "GEODe: The Atmosphere", published by Pearson Education.

I have comments on a few of the slides, which you should also consult as you read them: Comments on Slides in On-Line Reading Assignment #5.

Pre-class Quiz #5, which is based on this reading, is posted on the class iLearn Web site under "Pre-class Quizzes". You will need to submit your responses to Pre-class Quiz #4 via iLearn by 12:05 pm on Wednesday, April 4.

I will also post a "preview" version of Pre-class Quiz #5 on the class iLearn and "backup" Web sites. You can print the preview version and inspect it at your leisure while you do the assigned reading, before you submit your answers via the "interactive" version of Pre-class Quiz #5 on iLearn.

Note that iLearn will give you two chances to submit your responses (with a 10 minute enforced delay between chances). You can also save responses that you've entered before submitting them and return later to change or add to them before submitting them. I recommend that before you access the "interactive" version of the quiz on iLearn, decide on your answers first (using the "preview" version of the quiz and, of course, the reading itself).

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