METR 104:
Our Dynamic Weather
A Prospectus
for In-class Quiz #1

(Monday, Feb. 13)
Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Geosciences
SFSU, Spring 2012

Quiz Format

In-class Quiz #1 will be administered at the beginning of class on Monday, Feb. 13. It will be closed book, closed note, and closed computer (and other electronic devices). You will have around 20 minutes to complete the quiz.

The question(s) will be short answer, short essay, and/or simple meteogram analysis and interpretation. The question(s) might test nothing more than basic factual knowledge, but they might also test conceptual understanding, reasoning ability, and perhaps your ability to communicate your understanding and reasoning.

We will begin covering new material as soon as the quiz is over.

Topic Coverage

Topics eligible for coverage on the quiz consist primarily of topics addressed in lecture, in lab sessions, and in reading assignments. (The mechanics of preparing and submitting forecasts for the ongoing forecasting assignment will not be addressed by this quiz.)

Some topics addressed in lecture and/or lab include:

For topics addressed by assigned reading, see:

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