METR 104:
Our Dynamic Weather
Reading Assignment #1
(from the text)
(Issued Friday, Aug. 31 for classes starting Wednesday, Sept. 5)
Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Geosciences,
SFSU (Fall 2012)

A note on the "Reading Questions" below: You should use these questions (1) to help guide you to the points in the text that I regard as the most important; and (2) to give you something to look for as you read, thereby making your reading more active and directed. I do not expect you to submit written answers to these questions, though either recording your answers in writing or highlighting/annotating the portions of the text containing the answers, and (especially) quizzing yourself about them after doing the reading, should help you retain the information better.

On-line Reading Assignment #1 complements this reading assignment (which is from the text).

Pre-class Quiz #1, based on the reading questions below and on On-line Reading #1, will be posted on iLearn. Consult the course schedule on the class Web site for more information.

From Introduction to the Atmosphere and the Science of Meteorology, Chapter 1:
"Introduction to the Atmosphere" (pp. 3-28)

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