GEOL/METR 309: Investigating
Land, Sea and Air Interactions

Fall 2005, SFSU

How to Search the WWWeb
(This document can be found at:
Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dr. Lisa White
(Dept. of Geosciences)

A significant part of GEOL/METR 309 consists of doing research to find information to help you address several real-world problems. The World Wide Web (WWWeb) now contains a great deal of valuable information, but finding that information is not always easy. However, there are many resources on the WWWeb itself to help you navigate your way through the WWWeb. One set of resources designed specifically to help teachers make better use of the WWWeb is called WebQuest. It has been developed by Dr. Bernie Dodge, a Professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University.

The WWWeb address for WebQuest home page is

Among the many resources provided by WebQuest is advice about how to make searching for information on theWWWeb more efficient and effective. These resources include:

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