GEOL/METR 309: Investigating
Land, Sea and Air Interactions

Fall 2005, SFSU

Reading Assignment #2, and
Pre-class Exercise #2:
Sutro Heights Field Trip

Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dr. Lisa White
(Dept. of Geosciences)

(4 pts total; Reading Assignment #2 is for Tuesday, Sept. 13;
Responses to Pre-class Exercise #2 are due at the end of the field trip on Tuesday, Sept. 13)

The questions below pertain to the geology of the Sutro Heights area of San Francisco, the destination of our first field trip. The questions are based on (1) Reading Assignment #2 from our text, Geologic Trips: San Francisco and the Bay Area by Ted Konigsmark, which you should complete before the field trip; and (2) observations made or information conveyed during the field trip. Reading Assignment #2 is as follows:

You should prepare your hand-written responses to these questions and turn them in at the end of the field trip on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Your score will consist of the average score of the individual members of your group.

  1. What is the approximate elevation above sea level of the highest point in Sutro Heights Park, at the top of the cliff face?

  2. What feature of the topographic map of the Sutro Heights area shows the existence of the Sutro Heights cliff face?

  3. What general classification of rock (igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic) is Sutro Heights made of?

  4. Within its general classification of rock, what particular type(s) of rock is Sutro Heights made of?

  5. Where did the material in this (or these) rock(s) come from (that is, what was the source of the material)? What is one bit of evidence that helps identify the source in this case, based on the composition of the rock? At its source, the material now composing the rock at Sutro Heights made up a different type of rock—what type of rock was it?

  6. How was the material carried to its current location at Sutro Heights, where it become the rock we see there now?

  7. What processes seem to be contributing to the erosion of the Sutro Heights cliff face in recent times? What evidence is there that people are trying to slow the rate of erosion of the cliff face? What evidence is there that this might actually be necessary?

  8. Where did most of the sediments (that is, sand) on Ocean Beach at the base of the Sutro Heights cliffs come from?


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