ERTH 535:
Planetary Climate Change
(Spring 2018)
Reading Assignment #6 Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Earth & Climate Sci.,

(Issued Friday., April 13 for classes beginning Monday, April 16)

From The Earth System, Chapter 2:
"Daisyworld: An Introduction to Systems" (pp. 21-34)

(In this section we are most interested in the basic idea of stability vs. instability in both simple, everyday systems and in the earth system. The text develops a box-and-arrow notation to portray positive and negative feedback relationships in a system—pay some attention to this pictoral notation and be aware of how different this is from a box-and-arrow budget diagram. The distinction between perturbations and forcings is important. For our purposes, the details of Daisyworld and the graphs used to illustrate what is going on on Daisyworld are much less important than a basic conceptual understanding of how positive and negative feedbacks work in Daisyworld.)

From The Earth System, Chapter 3:
"Global Energy Balance: The Greenhouse Effect" (pp. 53-55)

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