ERTH 535:
Planetary Climate Change
(Spring 2018)
Reading Assignment #2 Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Earth & Climate Sci.

(Issued Monday, Jan. 29 for classes starting Friday, Feb. 9 and for several more weeks thereafter)

Supplemental Reading (previously assigned)

A note on the questions ("Reading Questions") below: You should use these questions (1) to help guide you to the points in the text that we regard as the most important; and (2) to give you something to look for as you read, thereby making your reading more active and directed. We do not expect you to submit written answers to these questions, though either recording your answers in writing or highlighting/annotating the portions of the text containing the answers should help you retain the information better.

At least two, and possibly three, pre-class quizzes based on these reading questions will be posted on iLearn. Consult the course schedule on the class Web site for more information.

From The Earth System, 3rd Ed., Chapter 3:
"Global Energy Balance: The Greenhouse Effect" (pp. 36-48)

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