Planetary Climate Change
(Spring 2018)

Lab Activity #3:
Concept Maps
about Insolation

Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Earth & Climate Sci.

Concepts for Concept Map I-A

  1. albedo of the earth's surface

  2. angle of the sun
    above the horizon

  3. curvature of the earth

  4. degree of "spreading out"
    at earth's surface

  5. distance between
    earth and sun

  6. distance traveled
    through Earth's atmosphere

  7. ellipticity
    of the earth's orbit

  8. fraction of radiation
    in Earth's atmosphere

  9. intensity of solar radiation
    at top of the atmosphere,
    directly facing the sun
  1. insolation
    on a horizontal surface
    at the earth's surface

  2. latitude

  3. revolution of earth
    around the sun

  4. rotation of the earth

  5. seasons

  6. tilt of earth's
    axis of rotation,
    and its constant orientation
    (relative to distant stars)

  7. time of day

  8. time of year