ERTH 535:
Planetary Climate Change
(Spring 2018)
Lab Activity #3:
Concept Maps
about Insolation
Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Earth & Climate Sci.

(for class Friday Feb. 9)

Important Concepts Related to the Intensity of Solar Radiation
(Insolation) on a Horizontal Surface


A definition: "Insolation" means "intensity of solar radiation".

Instructions. You and a partner will be assigned one of the two accompanying, mostly incomplete concept maps (Concept Maps I-A and I-B). In each of the blank boxes on the concept map, place one of the concepts from the list provided for that map. The relations between concepts implied by the connecting phrases between boxes on the concept map should make both grammatical and logical/physical sense. There is one concept from the list per blank box. (Some concepts might be duplicates, but there is still one concept provided per blank box.)

Hints and Suggested Strategy:

Concept Maps (click on the links)

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