ERTH 535:
Planetary Climate Change
(Spring 2018)
Prospectus for
Quiz #4
Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Earth & Climate Sci.,

(for class on Monday, May 7)

Quiz Format

Quiz #4 will be closed book, closed note, and closed computer. It will consist of several short-answer and/or short essay questions. For the most part, the quiz will require understanding of, and reasoning based on important concepts beyond memorization of factual details. It will be worth about 5% of your overall course grade.

Preparation Strategy

This quiz will cover material based on the following class materials and assignments:
  1. Material covered or provided in class

    1. Lecture topics, class discussion of lab activities, and class discussion of articles from the literature:
    2. Lab Activities:
  2. Pre-class Quizzes

    1. Pre-class Quiz #4: Heat Capacity and Specific Heat
    2. Pre-class Quiz #5: Feedback, Stability, and Disturbances in Systems
    3. Pre-class Quiz #6: Pleistocene Glaciations

  3. Reading Assignments
    1. Reading #6
    2. Reading #8

Review the questions posed in lab activities, lecture, pre-class quizzes, and homework problems (and even in the reading questions, though that is more straight factual knowledge than problem-solving) and practice figuring out responses rather than trying solely to memorize the answers.

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