Planetary Climate Change
(Fall 2018)
Prospectus for
Quiz #3
Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dept. of Earth & Climate Sci.,

(for Friday, April 13)

Quiz Format

Quiz #3 will be closed book, closed note, and closed computer. It will consist of several short-answer and/or short essay questions. It will be administered near the beginning of class. (We will begin covering new material afterwards.) For the most part, the quiz will require understanding of, and reasoning based on,important concepts beyond memorization of factual details. It will be worth about 5% of your overall course grade.

Preparation Strategy

This quiz will cover material based on the following class materials and assignments:
  1. Material covered or provided in class

    1. Lab Activities:
    2. Lecture topics and class discussion of lab activities:
    3. Handouts:
  2. Pre-class Quizzes

    1. Pre-class Quiz #2: The Greenhouse Effect, Etc.
    2. Pre-class Quiz #3: Ocean Surface Currents

  3. Reading Assignments

    1. Reading #2
    2. Reading #3
    3. Reading #5a

  4. Homework Problems
    1. Problem #3
    2. Problem #4
  5. Clicker Questions
    1. Definition of a heat source; units of energy flux; Stefan-Boltzmann Law [PDF file]
    2. CO2 and global warming [PDF file]

Review the questions posed in lab activities, lecture, pre-class quizzes, and homework problems (and even in the reading questions, though that is more straight factual knowledge than problem-solving) and practice figuring out responses rather than trying to memorize the answers.

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